Railway Connected Terminal Field Advantages

Thanks to the intense request of our regional industrialist for the use of the railways, we enable regular train services everyday.

The import/export consignments made over the lines with which Mos has concluded a storage agreement with, create freight earnings from the one way price tariff.

The cargos are under the guarantee of the TCDD in railway consignment.

With our load transport insurance, the road transportations (Aliağa Biçerova Warehouse-Aliağa Ports – Intermediary Transfers Mos Warehouse- Mosb Intermediary Transfer / Direct Port Road Transportations) are under our guarantee.

Your contaimers for which we have provided service between İzmir Port, İzmir Warehouses or Aliağa Ports- Manisa via railway or road, can be stored within out field.

With the advantage provided by our area, the rig stall and port warehouse costs can be reset;

  • We can have your containers which you have filled parallel to the preparation of your materials without causing blockage within the stock area or your work during the container filling, without being strainded by time periods for exportation containers, wait at our field until the voyage date.
  • Once the port exits for import containers are conveyed, we can pull the containers from the ports in blocks for stowage. We take care of the discharge organisation in accordance with the factory discharge appointment request.
  • Thus, we are able to contribute in the efficiency in your work during intense business hours, and to help you to achieve the balance the workload in your storage and the storage space, without any overtime required.

We are able to conduct the filling within our site bu consolidating the materials in our closed storage in LCL container shippings or groupage road transport. Likewise, we are able to healthily conduct inner load and discharge of the containers with the advantage that our site provides.