Managing System Policy

An understanding of correct, healthy and reliable service, participation and satisfaction of the employees and clients, constant development, determining new targets and providing constant feedback, a good understanding and fulfillment of the demands and the expectations of the clients, accordance with Managing System Regulations and all related laws of regulations, removing all the obstacles to protect the environment in accordance with future laws, minimising the use of natural resources, providing secure working conditions for employees, visitors and suppliers, providing education, trainings and raising the consciousess of the employees in the areas of quality, environment, work safety and health, meeting the work health and safety needs by using the right natural resources and assessing the risk in accordace with the existing and planned proesses in order to minimise the risk and obtain a constant improvement of the Management Systems.

In order to provide this, the Upper management observes and assesses the importance of meeting the laws and regulations, the organisational structure and the fulfillment of aims and targets in managerial meetings.